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Aranchini was very nice accompanied with the current side salad. Garlic pizza not very nice, over cooked very dry. The other pizza was very nice.

Lavinia, 19 Oct 2020


Liana, 09 Oct 2020


Liana, 09 Oct 2020

Awesome food

Kenneth, 03 Oct 2020

Stood waiting to be seated then sat outside the door to the toilet. Lights flickering need to be addressed as does the fan with no cover.

Deb , 02 Oct 2020

Many thanks. Quick delivery and delicious

Tina, 17 Sep 2020

Generous serve. Veges could be cooked a little bit less so not overcooked by time pick up n drive home. Maybe a bit less butter n more white wine to make more authentic. But tender and good serve veges

Kath, 04 Jun 2020

Love your food! All of 3 owners over the past 5 years, you guys by far make the best food and at fair prices for the quality!

Kaylee, 30 May 2020

  Reply : Thanks you very much . It means a lot to my staff.

Great place to eat. Lovely outlook over the lake

Sharon, 29 May 2020

Thanks for the convenience of ordering online

Jackie, 15 Jan 2020

Food was absolutely delicious, great service and cooked quickly. Only small issue was the cardboard box which contained the pasta went all soggy and broke apart. Otherwise very pleased.

Jade, 15 Nov 2019

Food was a little soggy when picked up - may be better to let some of the hot air out before packaging for pickup?

Annika, 21 Sep 2019